Slagwerk Atelier
Bespoke Designs

Besides our famous (and feared) spanking equipment, we are your go-to address for bespoke BDSM furniture.
Recently we delivered this one of a kind, laser cut and arc welded custom cage to one of our clients.
Fully made to measure, it can be used both horizontally & vertically for ultimate versatility.
No matter if you want to keep your target locked-up upright or lying down, this cage offers it all due to multiple lockable doors.
Made to last with the best materials available. The cage can be stored compact as it is easy to take apart.
Our bespoke designs will look fantastic in your playroom.
For more info contact us by e-mail.
We’re looking forward creating the best, and last, furniture you’ll ever need.

State of the Art

Stainless Steel Projects

Whatever you got on your bdsm wish list, we love to be your partner.
If you like one piece of made to measure furniture or thinking of building a complete bdsm room, we can assist you in both ways.
We do offer a wide range of ideas and designs which we love to share with you. With many years of experience when it comes to building your favorite playground we can assist you in every part of the world. Our approach is very easygoing and our goal is a 100% satisfying end result which we achief by listening to the needs and desires of our clients.

Best Materials Gives

High End Results

We entered the industry in 2018 with products of exceptional high quality by using exclusively Dutch, Swiss, and Italian ingredients to manufacture the best BDSM products available on the market. Using 316 stainless steel, which we see in the medical industry, industrial rubber, and the finest Italian leather, which we handpick ourselves on a regular basis.
Our products not only look fantastic, they are made to last for many years.

Slagwerk Atelier

Life Warranty

Slagwerk Atelier stainless steel projects comes with a life warranty on the construction. Every project is manufactured with the highest care and quality materials available on the European market.
With our own original designs, which have never been seen before, you will be assured of incredible high quality and a stunning end result!

Luxury Accessories

18crt Gold Plated C Rings

Besides all other BDSM gear, we design and manufacture stunning custom accessories in solid 18crt gold or with a gold-plated finish.
We do have some items in stock that our clients can purchase,
but we are also giving our clients the opportunity to design items together with us.
Clients can contact us by email and let us know their wishes and desires.
Slagwerk Atelier will digitalize your drawings or desires and make your dreams tangible.
Whether it's stainless steel or precious metals, we will amaze you with a breathtaking and satisfying end result.

Slagwerk Atelier

Whips & Floggers 

Slagwerk Atelier whips, floggers & paddles as never seen before.  Handmade with love and from the highest quality Italian top grain leather or the finest industrial rubber on the market.  Slagwerk Atelier whips are world famous and in use by the professionals and many private customers. Beside the awesome and photogenic look of our spanking gear its also manufactured for long lasting performance.  Take your BDSM impact play to a higher level and contact Slagwerk Atelier to improve your collection of BDSM toys  or to find out what we can do for you. Our designs are endless and easy to use for beginners and professionals.

Be different, be Slagwerk Atelier